I am a lifelong cubs fan. I am also planning on running 40 straight marathons. As i sit here, at this very moment, it has dawned on me that I may possess an attraction to seemingly impossible things. Hmmmmmmm…Well we’ll save the psycho-analysis for another time.

If you are a cub fan, hearing the words of this post’s title bring an immediate smile to your face. It was the call of a Cubs homerun done the way only Harry could do it. Harry was a bigger than life sportscaster and it was common for folks to turn their tv volume off and listen to Harry on the radio… except for the 7th inning stretch!!! To this day, I cant watch it without remembering how happy it made us all every time he did it.



 I grew up enjoying the cubbies and SO much more with my Grandparents, Bill and Rachel. High schools sweethearts, the only gal Gramps ever loved. He waited for her and she did the same as he went off to war. I had summers filled with memories of Grampa Bill and  my Granny Rachel. Their unconditional love played a big part in keeping this troubled youngster in the game. Gramps and I would listen to Harry and the cubbies on our way home from the golf course. Never missed it. We’d have to make a quick stop so he could buy Grandma flowers and then back to the game. No matter how the golf had gone, Gramps never missed an opportunity to let Grandma Rachel know how much he loved and cherished her. It was really something to watch.

My Grandma lived a really full life and when Cancer came she met it head on with no regrets. From her bed at Mayo’s she wrote….”I’ve led a good life… I love all of you very much….I’m ready to go”. I have never witnessed anything so courageous in my life.

Harry Carey’s restaurant has agreed to be the Official Start and Finish of this years Run to Cure Cancer. Grandma and Grandpa would have really liked that.



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